Fines may be issued when a law is broken, for example parking illegally or not having a tram ticket. There are consequences if you fail to pay a fine within the prescribed time (usually 28 days), and it is important to act promptly to avoid further consequences such as being issued with an additional fine, or a notice to appear in the Infringements Court for failing to pay the fine.

Casey Cardinia Community Legal Service Inc. cannot represent you in court. However we can provide you with information (excluding court fines) on how to request a payment extension, or alternatively, look at options, should you wish to dispute a fine.

Should you be eligible for a reduction or waiver of your fines on what is known as ‘special circumstances’ grounds, we can assist with that application. If you suffer from a mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness, you may be eligible for a fine waiver. Please make an appointment on Tel. 9793 1993 to discuss.

For further information concerning your fine or enforcement order, you can visit Civil Compliance Victoria at or call (03) 9200 8111.

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