Car accidents

Casey Cardinia Community Legal Service Inc can advise you in the initial stages where you have been involved in a car accident whereby damage to another person’s property has been caused.

Sometimes one party is fully at fault and, at other times, both parties may be partially at fault.

To avoid problems, we recommend that, wherever possible, all drivers and owners of cars have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. However, should you not have comprehensive insurance, we can assist you to work out who is the liable party, or whether liability is shared. We can assist with writing letters to the other party to work out a payment arrangement.

If you are at fault and the other driver is insured, but you are not, the other diver/owner’s insurance company may pursue you to pay for the damage.  We can help you negotiate with the insurance company.

If you are not at fault, we can write to the other owner to make a payment arrangement for you.

In some circumstances, we can assist with your court paperwork, either to defend a claim when the other party is taking you to court, or to draft a claim for you to bring to court against another party.

We do not provide court representation in these matters.

Time limits

When there has been a car accident, the one who has suffered loss has 6 years from the date of the accident to bring a court action to obtain compensation for the damage.

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