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Powers of attorney

An enduring power of attorney (financial) is a legal document where an individual (the ‘donor’) can give another person (the ‘attorney’) the legal right to make financial and legal decisions for them. This may include managing matters such as banking, property, and paying bills.

‘Enduring’ means the power continues (endures) even when an individual is unable to make these types of decisions for themselves due to accident or illness resulting in incapacity, either temporary or permanent.

The power can be executed by completing an Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) form, giving power of attorney to a person chosen by the donor. The form must be signed and witnessed.  An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)  may also be made for medical decisions to be made on behalf of the Principal (the individual authorising the Powers of Attorney). Once the EPA comes into effect, the attorney’s decisions have the same legal force as if the donor had made them. Visit the Office of the Public Advocate website for more information

Casey Cardinia Community Legal Service Inc. have specialist volunteer solicitors from time to time who are rostered on to draft documents and provide advice in this respect. Please contact our office to make a booking for an appointment.

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