Criminal matters

CCCLS can assist you with criminal matters to be heard in the Magistrates’ Court.

If your offence is a summary offence, it may be possible to have the initial date of hearing adjourned to a later date. You must contact the Magistrates' court listed on your summons to do this.

Please note there are 2 types of offences heard in the Magistrates’ Court:

  • Summary offence – this can often be adjourned over the phone
  • Indictable offence – If you are charged with an indictable offence, you must go to court on the date mentioned on your summons. You can usually adjourn the matter on the first date, when you attend court

We can also arrange for a barrister to represent you at the cost of the barristers’ fee. We can also apply for a grant of legal aid if you are eligible for this. If you obtain a legal aid grant, Victoria Legal Aid will pay for a barrister.

Please note that this information does not amount to legal advice. It is for your information only.

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To discuss your problem, please make an appointment to see a lawyer.