Intervention orders

An Intervention Order is a court order made by a Magistrate to protect you from a member of your family or household (Family Violence Intervention Order), someone you have had a close relationship with, or a person who is stalking you (Personal Safety Intervention Order). You can apply for an order at a court, or police can apply on your behalf.

Casey Cardinia Community Legal Centre Inc can advise you in your case when an intervention order is sought, however we are not able to assist in the preparing of the application. You may fill out an application for an intervention order at the Magistrates Court Registry if you are 18 years old or over.

We have duty lawyers present at court to represent you. If an Intervention Order is made and the perpetrator disobeys the conditions of the order, it becomes a criminal offence (possibility of getting a criminal record).

An intervention order can include conditions to stop the perpetrator:

  • From hurting, harassing, threatening or intimidating you;
  • From coming within a certain distance of your house;
  • From contacting you by any means, including e-mail, SMS, and phone; and
  • From damaging you property.

It may include a condition to make the perpetrator leave the family home (this is called an ‘exclusion’ clause).   
The Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817 offers further assistance should you wish to make an application for an Intervention Order without police. Visit he Victim’s Support Agency website offers further information.

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